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May 17, 2016

What’s best for pollinators?

Scott Stewart, Director of the The Lurie Garden in Millennium Park writes in a recent blog post on native and non-native plants and their benefits to pollinators. One of the greatest benefits of incorporating some non-natives into managed landscape pollinator plantings, he says, is ensuring “nectar and pollen sources are more likely to be present within the landscape for longer periods of time across all seasons, benefiting all local pollinators and increasing foraging benefits for especially vulnerable specialist pollinators,” Scott wrote. He points out that scientific literature is proving this point and also demonstrating the importance of cities and managed landscapes in supporting local pollinator populations. Read the full post here. .. MORE >

May 17, 2016

Watch this website for selecting native forbs

Careful research by Entomologist Doug Tallamy at the University of Delaware has shown the benefit of native plants for the food web. Over the last two years he and research assistant Kimberly Shropshire have identified and quantified how to create what Tallamy calls “foraging hubs” for birds on private as well as public land. The research forms the basis of a new website, soft-launched May 1, 2016, with a search-by-zip code function to come soon. Here's where you check it out. Or, read about it: "For the Birds Indeed" by former MELA Executive Director Carol E. Becker in Landscape Architecture Magazine, May 2016. For a digital copy of the current issue CHECK HERE .. MORE >

March 28, 2016

Promote Your Company Here

MELA members -- you can now promote your company right here, where potential customers can see you first when they log onto the MELA home page. Send your company name and a one-sentence company description that tells us who you are, what you do, and where you do it, emphasizing the the sustainable services your company offers. Then in 150 words or less, describe a project of your choice. Tell us what problems you addressed and what sustainable methods you used to overcome them in relation to water, soils, vegetation, materials, and/or human health. Be as specific as you can to bring your story to life.  Finally, you may attach a 3-minute You Tube video to further describe your company or illustrate your project. When you're ready, e-mail your completed submission and You Tube video link to director@melaweb.org. Your submission will be evaluated along with all others, and the board will be continuously posting the ones that best illustrate expertise in sustainable landscaping a .. MORE >


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